Do It With Purpose!


What is the trick to improvising?

Most people freak out over the idea of walking on stage and having to create something out of nothing. And, even the most seasoned improvisors have found themselves on stage in the same predicament…

With nothing…

Helpless. Idealess. “What am I doing here?”

But here’s the trick. It’s simple.

Just ask yourself, “What is my objective?” Or, you can ask…

  • What is my emotion?
  • What is my goal?
  • What is my intention?
  • Who am I?

That’s it. Start a scene, pick an idea, emotion, goal, or intention – and you have all you need to have a purpose.

Instead of feeling like “what am I doing here?” – you have what you need to give you direction – and that is enough to get the scene going.

Your life is no different. Work is no different.

Think about your day. What is your purpose? What intention are you brining to work?

How are you showing up with your team? Do you have a goal? Is there a purpose – or are you just flying blind or going through the motions?

If you bring a sense of purpose and intention to everything you do – you never feel stuck. There is never a dull moment.

Try it. Today, choose one intention to bring to work. Will you try to be positive all day? Maybe you need to work on your patience or compassion?

What is it? What are you going to choose?

Think about when you get home tonight. Choose an emotion – or goal. Maybe your goal is to get laundry done, or spend quality time with your spouse or one of your kids?

Notice how having a purpose gives any activity or day a focus and enthusiasm.

It’s the key to improvisors creating magic on stage – and now you can do it in your life.

Want to learn more – than give us a call!


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