You’re Killing Them!


05_Flatbed_WEB - JULYThey show up to work every day afraid of you.

They know you track them. You know when they come in. You know when they leave.

Every time they forget to dot an “I” or cross a “t” – you’re there to point out their mistake.

You’re thorough in your criticism and micromanagement – and you are thoroughly destroying the morale and culture of your entire team.

You don’t manage them – they manage around you.

You think you lead them, but behind your back they have devised a system of how to survive you. That is their only goal – surviving you. As soon as a better opportunity comes along (better meaning “not you”) they will jump ship and never look back.

When you walk you will have a clear path because everyone is staying clear. They are ducking around corners, hiding behind cubicles, or just trying to look busy to avoid your contact. Have you ever noticed how many people are on the phone when you walk in their direction?

When they took the job they wanted to make a difference – now they are just indifferent. You’re the reason why.

When they took the job they had passion, but you killed it.

They wanted to do great work – with purpose! Now, their purpose it to make it look like they’re working.

Do they have any responsibility in this?

Of course. All of us are responsible for how we respond to others. People can’t take our power unless we give it to them.

That is a fact.

But that is easier said than done.

You have the opportunity to create a dynamic, inspiring, and engaging work environment. Your employees are screaming for it. Their families wish mom and dad would come home in a better mood.

They wish work was more than “just a paycheck.”

But that’s what it is – and it is slowly killing them.

The overwhelming #1 cause for the reason someone leaves their job – is their relationship with their boss. What impact are you having on your employees? What is the culture you have created? Is it based on trust, respect, and compassion? Does your team feel safe to make mistakes in the name of creativity – or are they stifled in fear? If you think the blog above was overly dramatic, than you have never been in their shoes. Our corporate training programs can help. Give us a call.





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