You Have The Power!



Hey you!

Yeah, you!

I am talking to you. You work with people, right?

Yeah, you might even manage people.

I am talking to you.

Did you know?

Did you know that you have the power?

Did you?

The power. The power to transform lives.

The power to impact someone’s life – and maybe even lots of lives!

You have that power right now. That power goes with you everyday you go to work. Every meeting. Every interaction. Every communication.

You wield your power for either good or bad. Positive or negative. Empowering or suffocating.

You don’t need permission to have the power – you already have it.

How will you use it?

Think about it. Someone else has the power to. How are they using their power with you? Are they using it for good or bad?

Now, back to you. Don’t worry about them – you can’t control them. You only control you and how you choose to use your power.

Don’t think you don’t matter. Don’t be fooled to believe that you don’t impact lives. After all, you spend most of your day with other people – other living things. People respond to the people and environment around them. You are a big part of that environment – so what influence are you having? What are you contributing to the environment?

When you spread your power for good – people respond in a big way – and then they start to spread their power for good. It’s kind of a cool thing. It’s like being on stage with a bunch of improvisors working seamlessly with one another – making each other look like geniuses.


And remember…


So, how will you use it.


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