Jerk-free Leadership


All you need is talent to be successful. Maybe. Maybe not.

I work with corporate executives as well as aspiring athletes all of the time, and I undoubtedly come back to the topics of teamwork and leadership.

They are so cliche. They seem like common sense. Yet, they must be so common that most of us exhibit “Uncommon sense.”

I see it all of the time.

I see executives so full of themselves, so protective of their ego, that they ostracize themselves from the people they are supposed to lead. I see talented and gifted athletes so blindly driven that they alienate themselves from the rest of the team.

This does not mean they won’t be successful. They might end up being wildly successful, achieving great accomplishments, earning and winning lots of money, and enjoying fame. And perhaps this is success?

I have been around lots of “successful” people who no one likes. Is that really the price for success?

I have also seen individuals who know how to engage and harness the power of a team – bringing them together to achieve collaborative and collective success. In doing so they don’t just help lead successful groups – they develop relationships that nurture and empower beyond their own ability.

And here’s the kicker…

People like them.

Yeah, kind of like the best of both worlds.

So, it’s hard to believe that I get paid to teach people the skills that are typically a given in kindergarten – namely sharing, selflessness, listening, trust, respect, and play.

Some people call is Effective Leadership…yet I just called it “Jerk-Free Leadership.”

And it is so easy – it is uncommon sense!


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