Do You Take Yourself Seriously?

AFL Rd 13 - Essendon v North Melbourne

We take our life very seriously.

Yet not serious enough.

Why? Because if we took our life seriously we would MAKE more time for ourselves, not others. We would end our work at the end of the work day. We would  turn off our “smart” phone. We would stop responding and sending e-mails that will not decide the fate of the world. We would send one less tweet that ultimately won’t make a difference.

If we took our life seriously we would be present with the people we love – instead of taking a picture of the food we are eating.

If we took our life seriously we would spend 10 less minutes each day on Facebook or Youtube, and spend that time journaling, taking a walk, calling a friend, meditating, reflecting, doing yoga, learning a new hobby, reading a book, etc.

Basically, any other activity that feeds our Soul and makes our life better – instead of finding another moment of distraction.

I call these activities “oxygen” activities – because they allow us to breathe.

But be honest. Most of your day is spent in distraction. You can no longer stand in silence in the Starbucks line without checking your e-mail, Twitter feed, Words with Friends, or Instagram. We have become so connected to our electronic pacifiers that we have disconnected from our own internal thoughts and feelings. Any free time is gobbled up with stimulus.

Count how many times you pick up your cell phone each day. What are you really hoping to find?

If we took our life seriously we would stop considering “oxygen” activities as luxuries – and see them as necessities. If these are the things that allow us to breathe – we need them. If we are breathing it allows us to take care of others. Yet, we spend most of our time depleted – and then we attempt to foster work and relationships from this mindset.

Am I wrong?

Where are you going? What is your purpose? Are you living life – or letting life live you?

Maybe it’s time you took your life serious enough to ask big questions – IMPORTANT questions such as:

  • What is the impact I want to have on the world?
  • What influence do I want to have on the people I love?
  • What am I passionate about and why?

These questions give our life direction. Are you taking time to ask them – and then sit with them?

If not, what else is getting in the way?

If you made it this far – congratulations! Now put your phone away, get up from your computer – and go spend 5 minutes breathing some oxygen!


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