What Is Your Noble Cause?

Last week we talked about purpose, and how important it is to have a clearly articulated purpose for doing what you do, and being who you are. Simon Senek calls it your “why.” Regardless of what you call it, you are a rudderless ship without it.

So, what happens when you create a company or team built on purpose? Not only will that team operate at a high-level, it will allow you to tap into the rare space only a few companies have been able to achieve.

It’s called Level 5 Leadership.

In the amazing book Tribal Leadership, Dave Logan, John King, and Halee Fischer-Wright describe the five levels of leadership, and what they look like in business, teams, and on the individual level.

A company shows up on one of these levels. Your team or department has a level. And you as an individual operate on a level. Your level is not “who” you are but merely how you are currently showing up. We can all raise or lower our levels, and the book tells you how.

In a nutshell, Level 1 is self-destructive and toxic. Level 5 is near divine!

While writing the book the authors only thought there were 4 levels. But in the process they realized there were companies who achieved this Level 5 status – and it is because they had a “Noble Cause.”

The Noble Cause. Their purpose and vision was not to crush their competitors or be the best in their industry. It was bigger! One of the companies noble cause is to eradicate cancer. They have achieved the best in their field, yet it is the pursuit of ending cancer that keeps them inspired and motivated. Zappos has tapped into Level 5. Their noble cause is NOT to be the best online retailer – it is to Deliver Happiness!

That is a noble cause. And it is a cause that never allows you to become satisfied, content, or complacent.

Your noble cause must be a cause your entire company buys into. It can’t be words on the wall – it needs to be a very real and relevant part of your culture. It is your “why” – your purpose.


What do you think?

What is your noble cause?


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