What Is Your Purpose?

I was working with a group of personal trainers this week – and they asked me this, “How do I get over being nervous when I am presenting to my contemporaries in my field?”

So I clarified.

Is the nervousness about feeling unqualified or insecure about being exposed by others in the field “in the know?”

“Yes. Exactly.”

Great question. I have dealt with this and continue to deal with this, and I imagine most of you all deal with it as well.

Here are my two cents.

First. What is your purpose?

Seriously. When it comes to your work, what is it that makes you passionate about it?

The closer you are able to speak from your purpose and passion – the less nervous you will be. Think about it. Your purpose is what makes you unique. No one has your exact purpose. So, when you are able to speak to people from your purpose you are sharing with them what is most important to you.

Second. Don’t tell them what will work for them, but tell them what has worked for you.

When you add in your life experiences, and sharing ideas that have worked for you – no one can argue with that. Yes, they can disagree – but no one can invalidate what you have accomplished. This is proof that it has worked because it worked for you!

Lead and speak from your experience and purpose! These are unique and authentic to you. It has worked for you! Maybe someone thinks there is a better way – but this is what has worked for you.

It is an invitation, not a hard sell. If they like what they hear they will opt in. If not, that is okay too. If you put your purpose foot forward, and lead from the heart, people feel that. Yes, they want to know about your “credentials” and all that but it will be your purpose and passion that grabs their attention. You will be answering their internal question, “Does this person really care? Can I trust them?”

Your purpose gives them a resounding YES!

So, the bigger question is…what is your purpose?

If you can’t answer that question – we have some work to do!


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