What Is Your Story?

On stage we create stories. In fact, in any given show we will create more than a dozen unique stories that have never been told. Hopefully, some of them are memorable (and entertaining as well).

So, what is your story?


Yeah, your story.

You – your company. Your story.

Do you have one?

Actually, you do. We all have a story. Every single one of us. There is an old Chinese proverb that says, “Every head is a world.”

In each of us – there is a story.

To think about it from a corporate perspective – think about your reason for being. As Simon Sinek would put it, “Your WHY.” Where did you come from? What is your reason for being in business in the first place?

If the answer is “to make money,” you need a new story.

In fact, few businesses started for just the sake of making money, although most of them continue operating with that motivation in mind. But, the story for being is what is important, interesting, and memorable.

Your story will help separate you from your competitors, and make you “sticky” for your customer. It is the thing they will remember that makes you real and relevant.

So what is your story?

As a person, you have a story as well. We all do. Can you share your story in an engaging and interesting way in 30 seconds or less?

You better be able to.

Come on, your story is your life – and the explanation for how you got to where you are sitting. Can you package and share it in a way that represents who you are as a person?

We are humans. We relate through stories. We want to be able to feel each other’s experiences in a visceral and intimate way. We want to connect.

If your customers are going elsewhere – they might not know your story. And if they do, maybe it’s not interesting or authentic enough.

Guess what? We help companies and people identify and tell their story.

Need help? Give us a call.


One thought on “What Is Your Story?

  1. This is something I am currently working on….my story. I think that there are several other opportunities to use a story with customers, people you are training, staff that work for you, etc. I believe that stories help make us relevant and easier to relate to another person.

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